It was a delight to see students back in the school. The students who returned were happy to have some social interactions with staff and students who they had not seen in person in awhile and most were able to accomplish a lot of work in the time that they were in classes. Staff and students noticed all the safety measures that have been put into place around the building and this helped to alleviate fears and anxiety about returning. Some students indicated “it was a bit weird” to not have the regular amount of students in a classroom.

For students who would like to try a gradual return in June, we are open from 9:00 until 3:00 and are offering morning and afternoon support sessions for Science/Math, English/Socials, Social/Emotional check-ins, and Hands-on/Physical Learning. Students are encouraged to bring a device to work on while they are at the school. Please email or call the school if you would like to book a day to return. For Alert Bay students, the cut-off for the foot ferry is 8:00 am. The foot ferry occupancy limit for the time being is 12 with social distancing measures.

Parents of students returning are reminded to do a daily health check of your child before they come to school. Anyone who is ill or has COVID-19 symptoms must stay home.

We look forward to acknowledging and celebrating the NISS graduating class of 2020 next week. On June 13th, parents with community support have organized car parades. Please cheer them on when you see them go through the communities. On June 18th, grads will be participating in a walking ceremony in the gym at the school. We will be acknowledging all their work over the years and recognizing scholarships and bursary recipients. Thanks to the parents and community members who gave gifts of time or money to the 2020 grad class.

Grade 7-8 transitions have begun. We have sent out an introductory Power Point presentation to all elementary schools to introduce the NISS staff who will be working with grade 8’s next year. Next week we will be doing a video tour of the school that we will send out and on June 23rd we have a virtual luncheon planned. We look forward to meeting the new incoming grade 8’s.