Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020 for Orientation

Students will come back initially for an orientation with their grade.

Grade 8 8:50-10:20 Learning Commons

Grade 9 10:30-11:30 Learning Commons

Grade 10 11:40- 12:40 Learning Commons

Grade 11 1:15-2:15 Learning Commons

Grade 12 2:25-3:25 Learning Commons

Bus arrivals from Woss, Port Alice and the ferry will be between 8:30 and 8:50. Students will be directed to their specific entrances and welcoming areas. Port McNeill students will arrive just before and leave just after their orientation.


Grade 8 Front (Waiting area: rooms 105 and room 109 and 111 or outside)

Grade 9 Multi-purpose room (Waiting area: multipurpose room, Ms. McCrae’s Foods room or outside)

Grade 10 Door near Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Sharpe’s room (Waiting room: 231, 201 or outside)

Grade 11/12 Door by gym/drama rooms (Waiting room: 230 or drama or outside)  

Masks on transportation mandatory:

The BC Ferry waiting rooms at Port McNeill are only allowing 4 persons at a time inside at this time. The students will have to wait outside with the 2 meter distancing.  Starting August 24th 2020 all walk on and vehicle passengers will be required to wear face coverings at all times when at a BC Ferries Terminal or on a BC Ferries ship, with the exemption being if a customer is inside a vehicle or consuming food or drinks.

Sick students and ferry transportation: We are working on plans on how to transport sick students home that need to return on a ferry

Waiting for transportation:

Students will have to maintain 2 Meters from anyone not in their grade learning group while waiting in line for a ferry or bus.


Students riding the foot ferry will be required to wear masks and socially distance from anyone not in their learning group (based on grade)

The foot ferry will do double runs this week.

Grade 10/11/12

7:10am departure from Alert Bay to Port McNeill. A bus will be available to bring the students up to NISS.

Grade 8/9

8:45am departure from Alert Bay to Port McNeill. A bus will be available to bring the students up to NISS.

Ferry students can opt to come over on the Aurora or return on the Aurora during schedules times that line up better with their orientation if the family chooses.

Masks at school

The Ministry of Education and Public Health Officer have directed that everyone in the school setting wear masks in common areas like hallways. Anytime someone (staff or student) is interacting with someone not in their learning group, masks must be worn and socially distancing must happen. Two washable masks will be given out to each student. Masks must be worn on all transportation.

Health Check

Parents are required to do a health check with their child before sending them to school. We have attached a helpful health check list.

Student Schedules

Students will receive their schedules on Thursday during their orientation.

Friday Sept. 11

Will be a regular scheduled day.

Alert Bay students will come over on the two scheduled morning runs and return on the 2:20 Aurora ferry. Sointula students will return home on the foot ferry.