We are so proud of the NISS students. They are doing a great job of staying physically distanced and wearing masks. Students have settled in to the new health and safety routines of sanitizing hands and using their designated entrances, as well as, adjusting to two classes a day instead of four. Thank you to parents for continuing to do daily health checks with your children and for keeping students home who may not be feeling well.

Ferry travellers:

A friendly reminder that masks are mandatory on all runs on the Aurora and ‘Yalis ferries.

For students or staff who may show signs and symptoms of COVID at school and who may need to take the BC Aurora ferry home, we have received new protocols from BC Ferries for this possible situation. In a case where a student or staff begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 at school, they will be required to wear a mask and return with a guardian in a vehicle on the ferry. If a ride is not possible, BC Ferries is requiring the student or staff member to wear a mask, gloves and a visor and to remain outside or distanced on the ferry. The school will provide these items in such a case.

We now have the ‘Yalis foot ferry doing two runs from and to Alert Bay for students and staff who live there. This allows for physical distancing and learning group separation. This results in the juniors arriving 30 minutes late and the seniors leaving 30 minutes early in order to have reasonable turn around times. The juniors can choose to come over on the Aurora ferry at 6:40am and the seniors can choose to return on the 5:10pm if they do not want to miss the 30 minutes of school time.

NISS Youth Drop-In emotional and academic supports:

Tutorials will now be held on Thursday’s (instead of Wednesday’s) from 3:30-5:30 in the Multi-Purpose room. Any student wanting to check-in or get social/emotional or academic supports is welcomed to see Kyli Griffith, one of the Child and Youth Care Workers, at NISS.

We will be having photo day Sept. 24, 2020. Grad photos are scheduled for Feb. 24-25. Lifetouch, the company, who takes the photos has sent us a video that shows their COVID safety protocols. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LevtvXI9l2Q

Open gym:

Casey Mork, one of the PE teachers at NISS, is opening up the gym to learning groups on different days of the week at lunch time. Mondays- grade 8’s; Tuesdays-grade 9’s, Wednesday’s- grade 10’s, Thursday’s grade 11/12’s.

Water fountains:

The dispenser for water to fill water bottles is available once again in the school. However, the push button water fountain for direct drinking is still unavailable at this time. Please remind students to bring their own water bottles. Cups, utensils, food and drink must not be shared at this time.

Have a safe and relaxing weekend.