A special thank you to all the parents and students for remaining conscientious with COVID protocols. Students have adapted well to the new routines and are remaining safe. Just a friendly reminder to all students to remember to bring their masks on a daily basis.

Parents have been diligent about calling in if their child is not well and this has been very helpful and we are able to excuse the absence. You may note that in a case of an unexcused absence that you are getting a call home that indicates that your child has missed blocks A, B, C, and D. We are trying to correct that with the call-out provider to switch it to just A and B blocks now that we are on a quarter system. Thanks for your patience as we get that adjusted.

All students should have active niss.ca email accounts now so that they can have access to Google Classroom to stay informed of what is happening in their classes in the case that they become sick. If your child has still not signed on, please let us know.

Any grade 11 or 12 students wanting to do Work Experience for credit, we are needing the sign-up form handed in Tuesday, September 29th by the end of the day.

Alert Bay foot ferry update for the morning runs: The boarding is at 7:00am for the 10/11/12’s and 8:30am for the 8 and 9’s. Captain Danni Tribe will put any updates on the Spirit of ‘Yalis Facebook page.

Have a safe and relaxing weekend everyone.