February 4, 2021 Update from the Ministry of Education and the Public Health Office

There will be enhancements to the current COVID protocols at schools K-12. The safety of students and staff and keeping schools open are priorities. As the pandemic evolves, we are required to update our protocols. Transmission is schools remains low, but we will be enhancing our protocols as we are learning more about COVID.

Effective as of Feb. 5, 2021:

  • Masks will be required in all indoor areas, including classrooms and in all work spaces. There are only 3 exceptions to this:
  • 1.  Students are sitting or standing at their individual desks and not moving around.
    • 2.  There is a barrier in place between people interacting
    • 3. When eating or drinking
  • In PE, all intense sports will have to be outside. All equipment (weights etc.) will need to be cleaned between each student and staff use. All students and all staff physically distanced by 2 meters as much as possible in PE and in music classes.
  • Any singing, has to be done with a mask on.
  • All in-person interactions/meetings are reduced. Parent and staff meetings will need to be conducted remotely. In case of an emergency situation in which a meeting may be necessary, all COVID protocols need to be followed.

Please contact the Principal, sjohnson@sd85.bc.ca or the Vice-Principal, bdonoghue@sd85.bc.ca if you have any questions.

Any further updates will be sent out as we receive them.

We thank everyone for being diligent in following protocols and keeping NISS safe.