Honour Roll

After each semester, an Honour Roll will be published.  The purpose of the Honour Roll is to recognize achievement in all subject areas.  A “B” average or better for all courses taken by the student is required.  Any “C-“, “F” or “I” marks will automatically eliminate the student from the Honour Roll.  Students must be enrolled in at least three (3) NISS courses (Work Experience, Peer Tutor, Support Blocks, external courses are not eligible.)  Students on the Honour Roll will have their names posted in the school and in the NISS newsletter.

Vice Principal’s List

To be on the Vice Principal’s list, student must receive only “E”s (excellent) or “G”s (good) on their semester report cards.

Governor General’s Award

2018/2019 Governor General’s Award Recipient: Madison Van Will

2017/2018 Governor General’s Award Recipient: Mackenzie Murgatroyd